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Welcome to the home of A Wee Tiny Blog

What is "A Wee Tiny Blog"?

It seems that nearly every website has a blog these days. There are many ways to add one to your website, each with their own strengths and weaknesses. A Wee Tiny Blog is a PHP class that gives developers a simple way to put a blog onto their sites. Unlike most solutions, it's just a building block, leaving the developer free to create their website however they want. If you really wanted, it's possible to use A Wee Tiny Blog as a no-frills content management system.

What features does A Wee Tiny Blog have?

With the $AWeeTinyBlog object in your code, you can:
  • Store and manipulate blog entries in a MySQL database
  • Retrieve one entry, a string of entries, or a summary of entries made in a specific year
  • Sort your entries by their ID or by the date the entry was made
  • Create page numbers and navigation links
  • Generate RSS feeds so readers can follow your blog with their RSS Readers
  • Assign entries a userpic/avatar and subject line

What is needed to use A Wee Tiny Blog?

In order to use this script, you'll need a web server with PHP 5+ and MySQL installed. Most hosts these days provide these programs in their hosting packages, or you can use a program like UwAmp to provide one for your own computer. Note that A Wee Tiny Blog has not been tested with PHP 4.

As A Wee Tiny Blog is a PHP class, it is not a standalone product and requires a minimal knowledge of HTML and PHP to use. It's made to make this as easy as possible and detailed examples of common usages are included, so it should be possible to pick up on what you need to know easily.


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