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Configuring A Wee Tiny Blog


Configuring A Wee Tiny Blog is extremely simple. At the start of the script is an array called $aweetiny_config, and the different fields inside it control the script. Currently there are four keys in this array; future versions will likely have a few more.

Editing the file outside of this array isn't advised, as it's unlikely that the average user will need to change anything else.


Below is a quick list of the keys used by $aweetiny_config and some details about how they are used within aweetinyblog.php. Remember that array keys are case-sensitive.

If this is set to TRUE (or any value that evaluates to TRUE) then the script will automatically create an object called $aweetinyblog for you. This allows you to do everything by simply using PHP's include or require directives.
This variable holds the name of the MySQL table that contains your blog entries. By default, this is set to entries, but you're free to name your table whatever you want as long as the fields within it are the same ones A Wee Tiny Blog expects.
To make things slightly easier, both CreateEntry and UpdateEntry translate the entry contents so that it can be sent to the page without more processing. If this field evaluates to TRUE, then any HTML is left intact. If it is FALSE, then any <, >, or & characters in the content will be translated into HTML entities. This is set to TRUE by default.
Like HTML_Allowed, this controls how entry content is translated when it's saved. If this value is FALSE, then linebreaks are translated into <br> tags. This is the default setting, as most of us would prefer not to manually include linebreaks in our blog entries.


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