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About Entry Arrays


Many of the methods provided by A Wee Tiny Blog, such as GetEntry or GetPageOfEntries, return an associative array filled with information about a specific entry. These "entry arrays" always have the same five keys, which are always used for the same information.

Knowing this, you can easily create function of your own that operate on these entry arrays. For example, you could create a function to bundle the information with HTML so it displays nicely on your pages.


This is an overview of the five keys and their contents.

The post ID of the entry. This can be used to access this specific entry in various ways, including deleting the entry or updating it later.
This is a datestamp representing when the post was made. You can also change it to be whatever date you want, though remember that some methods can sort entries by their timestamps.
Many people like to spruce up their entries by including a little graphic called a "userpic" or "avatar". This can be used to store the URL of the graphic, or you might find it useful for some other detail like the author of the post or your current mood.
The subject of an entry is like a headline: it usually identifies what the entry is about. Of course, you can store other info in here, but it's set aside for titles and headlines.
This is the meat of the entry. Unlike the other fields, this field can store a large amount of text and should be reserved for the entry itself. Both CreateEntry and UpdateEntry translate some of this field's contents so you can more easily output it to your pages (see Configuring A Wee Tiny Blog for more on this). To undo this translation so you can edit the entry, use the GetEntryForEditing method.


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