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Error Codes


A Wee Tiny Blog uses a number of constants to indicate if something has gone wrong, and if so, what exactly the problem was. These codes are all defined as constant strings, so you can not only use them in comparisons, you can also directly write them to a log or echo them to the user.

To retrieve the last error code, call GetLastError. Alternatively, to clear an error code, call ClearError. Clearing error codes is optional, and it's usually only used when you've already recovered from an error.


Below is a list of each error code and an explination for why you've encountered it.

If the ConnectToDatabase method can connect to MySQL but can't access the given database, this error is returned. Check that you've spelled the database's name correctly and that the MySQL user your script uses has permissions for this specific database.
This is the ideal and default value of the error flag -- it means that your script has been free of errors so far.
Most of the methods in the AWeeTinyBlog class will set this error code and abort if one or more of their parameters are invalid. Examples range from the method expecting a number and getting some text to the method receiving the wrong number of parameters.
The ConnectToDatabase method can return this error if it was unable to access MySQL. This might be due to an invalid username or password, or your MySQL setup isn't properly configured.
A Wee Tiny Blog requires access to a MySQL database to work. If you try to use any method without first connecting the object to a database, this error code is set and the method aborts.
This error code is less severe than the others. It simply means that whatever entry or entries you tried to access don't exist.
This indicates a MySQL error -- a query didn't run properly for whatever reason. To debug this further, try using GetMySQLError to see what MySQL has to say about the problem.
This error is exclusive to the NavigationAids method. It appears when you've attempted to call NavigationAids before any method that returns entries. The reason for this is that navigation links can't be generated without knowing where to start.


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