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Method: SaveEntry


The ID of the entry being saved
Timestamp of the entry to save
Icon (or userpic) of the entry
The entry's subject line
The content of the entry


This function was removed in A Wee Tiny Blog 0.8 . This reference is for older versions only.

This method allows you to store an entry in the database. If the ID you provide was a number, then it will attempt to update an existing entry rather than save a new one. To create a new entry, pass AWEETINYBLOG_NEW_ENTRY as the ID instead.

In addition to just storing the entry, the contents of the entry will be tweaked slightly to make it easier to display later on. This is just a simple replacement of linebreaks with <br> tags, but it saves you a step in the future. However, it also means you'll need to translate the tags back into linebreaks if you want to edit the entry -- which is what GetEntryForEditing does for you.

This function was split into CreateEntry and UpdateEntry to make things easier. Now you don't need to remember another constant, nor is there any ambiguity about what you're doing.

Return values

If successful, this method returns TRUE. Otherwise the internal error flag is set and the method returns FALSE.


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